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CMD-Z (Outlet)

The 4-Step routine to fight acne-prone, impure, and oily skin.
Shipping to: Sweden
CMD-Z (Outlet)

The kit includes


Active daily cleanser
Instantly calms irritation while leaving your skin renewed and energized.


Purifying face cream
Targets impurities, reduces irritations and provides a cooling effect.

Leave Me

Exfoliating Serum
Fights pimples, repairs imperfections, and reduces the pore size.


Spot Gel
Targets pimples by reducing swelling and regaining bacterial balance.

More than a feeling

The CMD-Z in numbers

The active ingredients from stem cell technology, backed by clinical trials, show these results:

Less inflammation
Reduction of pore size


How to guide

Restart - Clean skin
Leave Me - Exfoliating Serum
Controller - Purifying Face Cream
Spotlight - Spot Gel

Dispense a few pumps and massage gently into moist skin. Rinse off with water. Avoid the area around the eyes.

Use Restart as your daily facial cleanser in or after the shower. Apply in the morning or evening - both ways are equally effective for cleaning your skin.

More than a feeling

Effective ingredients, mild on your skin

Powered by these active ingredients, securing you effective skincare, made for sensitive skin:

Key Ingredients

Frequently Asked Questions




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