Tinted moisturizer that evens out skin tone while providing a fresh tan.
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Why it’s special

Natural tan booster through mechanical pigmentation

Blazar is a tinted moisturizer that evens out the skin tone while adding a natural, fresh tan. Additionally, it hydrates and energizes tired skin, providing nurturing and calming properties while protecting against irritations.

Provides a natural, fresh tan.
Evens out skin tone and brightens dark spots.
Hydrates and energizes tired skin.

More than a feeling

Blazar in numbers

The active ingredients from stem cell technology, backed by clinical trials, show these results:

Reduction of dark spots
Improvement in skin roughness

How to use

How to apply Blazar

Use Blazar as the final step in your routine, after adding all other desired products. Begin by cleansing your face to remove impurities.
Dispense a few pumps of moisturizer onto your fingertips or palm, preparing it for application.

Gently massage the moisturizer into your facial area using circular motions. Ensure the pigments are fully activated by observing a color change from white to brown. This indicates successful activation and incorporation of the product.

More than a feeling

Key ingredients

Powered by the five ingredients: Luminia Granatum™, Jojoba Oil, Organic Shea butter, E-vitamin, and Encapsulated Color Pigments.

Key ingredients

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