Beard Care

In order to make your beard growth journey as smooth as possible, we’ve created a range of beard care products that will not only help you get the results you want but also enable you to treat your new-grown beard with the love and attention it deserves.

Dye Hard  Copenhagen Grooming SEK

Dye Hard

Beard coloring kit

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The Beard Care Kit  Copenhagen Grooming
Save 28%

The Beard Care Kit

Beard grooming kit

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The Beard Hero  Copenhagen Grooming

The Beard Hero

Beard oil

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The 8AM Splash  Copenhagen Grooming

The 8AM Splash

Beard and face wash

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The Cruise Control  Copenhagen Grooming

The Cruise Control

Beard styling balm

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The Skin Support Trio  Copenhagen Grooming
Save 36%

The Skin Support Trio

Soothe your beard growth journey

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The Greenkeeper  Copenhagen Grooming

The Greenkeeper

Beard and face moisturizer

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The Offzite  Copenhagen Grooming

The Offzite

Zitstick for ingrown hair

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The Shape Up Kit  Copenhagen Grooming
Save 45%

The Shape Up Kit

Beard styling kit

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The Beard Scissors  Copenhagen Grooming

The Beard Scissors

For trimming the edges

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The Keychain Comb  Copenhagen Grooming

The Keychain Comb

Stay groomed

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The Flight Bag  Copenhagen Grooming

The Flight Bag

Keep your good safe

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Beard Care 2.0

The internet is flooded with cheap beard oils and products that are essentially damaging to beard growth. Seriously. We are not trying to point fingers, but we're fed up with mindless products that do more harm than good. 

So we decided to rethink all Beard Care products - and design them with beneficial and based on natural ingredients. We have, in other words, designed Beard Care products that we were missing in our lives. 

That's why we offer products only made in Denmark, harmless for beard growth, and packed with active ingredients helping you towards a better-looking beard.


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